We are LaVenustas Unisex spa

LaVenustas coupled with ‘Scissors Professionals’ brand is a sanctuary of style and sophistication, where every visit is an opportunity to indulge in self-care and elevate your natural beauty.

We believe in taking a personalized approach to beauty. We take the time to listen to your needs, understand your preferences, and collaborate with you to create a look that reflects your individual style and personality. Our Unisex Salon is founded on the principle that beauty is more than skin deep—it's about confidence, self-expression, and embracing your true essence. With this philosophy in mind, we've curated a team of passionate stylists and beauty experts who are dedicated to bringing out the best in every client. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed your expectations with every visit.

Whether you're in need of a fresh haircut, a vibrant new Hair Colour, or a rejuvenating spa treatment, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your every beauty need. From precision haircuts to luxurious facials, our skilled artisans are here to pamper you from head to toe.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We're committed to providing you with an exceptional salon experience that leaves you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or simply treating yourself to a little self-care, we're here to make your beauty dreams a reality.

We invite you to experience the artistry and expertise of ‘Scissors Professionals’ for yourself. Step into our inviting salon space, relax, and let our team work their magic. Whether you're looking for a quick touch-up or a complete transformation, we're here to help you look and feel your absolute best.


LaVenustas mission is to inspire confidence and enhance our clients’ beauty through our expert services, exceptional customer care, and commitment to excellence.


LaVenustas vision at LaVenustas is to be the premier destination where beauty meets excellence, inspiring transformative experiences that exceed expectations, and setting new standards of innovation and service in the beauty industry.


Authenticity: LaVenustas believes in celebrating and enhancing natural beauty, promoting authenticity in self-expression and personal style.

Excellence: Excellence is non-negotiable at LaVenustas. We set high standards for product quality, customer service, and overall experience.

Inclusivity: Inclusivity is at the heart of LaVenustas. We celebrate diversity in beauty and strives to create experiences that cater to people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and skin types. Everyone is welcome and valued in the LaVenustas community.

Sustainability: LaVenustas is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability in the beauty industry. The brand seeks to reduce waste, conserve resources, and support eco-friendly practices wherever possible.

Transparency: LaVenustas believes in being transparent and honest with its stakeholders. The brand is committed to providing clear and accurate information about its products, ingredients, and practices.